U.S. General Services Administration Headquarters

1800 F Street NW Washington DC

CINNOVAS performed as a prime contractor to GSA to ensure planning, design, construction and activation phases of the construction of the GSA HQ Facility are executed in accordance with GSA policies, project goals, initiatives, and operational excellence.
Project description:
This is a complex construction project consisted of extensive IT and Smart Building technologies that have been incorporated by GSA Senior Leadership to showcase 1800 F as the “flagship” and standard for all of GSA Building Portfolio. The Modernization of the GSA Headquarters Building located at 1800 F Street, NW in Washington, D.C. was initiated in 2009. This project involved strategic facilities and project planning; analysis and evaluation of future budget and mission requirements; design and construction management, IT and Smart Building facility integration, management support for facilities operations & maintenance, LEED Gold initiatives, reviews, inspections, documentation, schedule and logistical management; provided requirements compliance, construction, and facilities related design reviews, cost estimate analyses, schedule monitoring and management; concept development, program requirements analysis, and internal consolidation.
Project highlights

High Performance Green Building SMART Building LEED Rating: Platinum Certification Square Footage: 500,000 Construction Cost: $85 million


Construction Management


Myles Clark