Department of State Headquarters

Harry S Truman Building

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Project description:
The modernization of the Harry S. Truman Building, the headquarters of the United States Department of State, consists of two phases. Phase I and Phase 2 will modernize more than 1.1 million square feet and 2.5 million square feet, respectively. The work will include safety and security upgrades to the building, as well as improvements to the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and communication systems. The project involved the integration of interior space modules corresponding to the existing constraints of the building structure. The modules, based on a comprehensive analysis of the existing conditions of the building and a thorough assessment of the requirements for the ultimate occupants of the space, resulted in a solution that yielded increased building efficiency and utilization, fulfilling the client's objective of maximizing the population of the building.
Project highlights

LEED Rating: Silver Certification Square Footage: 400,000 Construction Cost: $85 million


Construction Management


Myles Clark